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PandaVPN Auto Renewal Agreement

1. Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service

When you turn on auto-renewal, your use will be deemed as you consent to the individual service and the various announcements made by PandaVPN in the individual service.

2. Ownership and use rights

The ownership of all network services and intellectual property rights related to the Auto Renewal Service shall be owned by PandaVPN in accordance with the law, and you are not automatically entitled to any or all of the aforementioned rights by using the Auto Renewal Service. In addition, PandaVPN may modify any or all of the terms and conditions of this service agreement or make adjustments of auto-renewal service either legally or in accordance with the User Agreement. If you cannot accept PandaVPN's adjustments to the User Agreement and this agreement, please terminate the relevant services provided to PandaVPN, especially the use of Auto Renewal Service.

3. Type & scope of Auto Renewal Service

The PandaVPN Auto Renewal Service has monthly subscription, 3-month subscription, and 12-month subscripton, and will continue to add new auto renewal services according to user needs. By using the Auto Renewal Service, you can get the following PandaVPN services on a regular basis, including:
PandaVPN VIP servers;
Unless otherwise notified by PandaVPN, the validity period of the above PandaVPN service is calculated by natural days.

4. Service description

4.1 This service is for your demand of auto renewal, under the premise that you have turned on this service, you can avoid the loss of your service due to negligence or other reasons. You authorize PandaVPN to deduct the cost of the next billing cycle from the member's own recharge account, the third-party payment account bound to the member account, the bank card, and the communication account (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “account”) when your PandaVPN membership is about to expire. The premise of the implementation is that you have bound your PandaVPN account to the above account and can successfully deducted the payment from the above account.
4.2 Auto renewal refers to the deduction method that PandaVPN will charge the cost of next billing cycle through the above account based on the premise of 4.1. You need to ensure that PandaVPN can deduct the loan from the above account successfully. You are responsible for the failure of renewal due to insufficient deductible balance in the above account.
4.3 If there is any error in the deduction process, PandaVPN and you shall cooperate closely to ascertain the reasons, and each shall bear the losses caused by its own fault; if the losses caused by the unequal ambiguity of the two parties, the two parties shall bear corresponding responsibilities according to the degree of fault; If both parties are jointly responsible, the two parties share the responsibility equally.
4.4 The services PandaVPN provides to you are limited to use on the PandaVPN platform, and payments outside the PandaVPN platform are not covered by this Agreement. All legal consequences arising therefrom are the responsibility of the perpetrator, and PandaVPN will pursue the legal liability of the perpetrator.

5. Enable auto renewal service

5.1 If you turn on the service from iOS, you are deemed to have authorized PandaVPN to deduct the next billing cycle service fee from your iTunes account balance when your PandaVPN membership is about to expire. The billing cycle includes but not limited to monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.
5.2 For the selected payment channel, you are obliged to ensure that you regularly pay attention to and ensure that you have sufficient balance under the account of the payment method for the application of automatic renewal service. PandaVPN reserves the right to suspend the service through the Auto Renewal Service if, due to the foregoing reasons (including but not limited to: insufficient balance and insufficient balance to satisfy the user's choice of multiple Auto Renewal Services), failed to meet the requirements of the Auto Renewal Service.

6. The validity of Auto Renewal Service

Unless otherwise specified by PandaVPN, the automatic renewal service you receive will be valid for a long time.
If you choose not to cancel, it will be deemed that you agree to PandaVPN will make unscheduled debit attempts in accordance with this agreement. Once the debit is successful, PandaVPN will open the auto renewal of the next billing cycle for you. If the PandaVPN service price is adjusted at / before the auto renewal, the current effective price shall prevail.
PandaVPN would like to remind you that when you choose to use the auto renewal service and PandaVPN will charge for the payment of your default payment method through auto renewal service, PandaVPN will choose to subscribe to the PandaVPN related payment service. Therefore, PandaVPN will not refund the fees you paid in any way.

7. Unsubscribe of Auto Renewal Service

7.1 You can choose to unsubscribe this service.
7.2 The cancellation process, the steps of disabling Auto Renewal Service:
Click "Manage Current Subscription" or the auto renewal product that you turned on via your Apple ID, "Settings" → "iTunes Store and App Store" → "Apple ID" → "View Apple ID" → click "Subscribe" on the account settings page → Cancel PandaVPN subscription.
Tips: The cancellation of the auto renewal plan will not affect your current membership. And the membership will not be renewed after expiration.
The order that you have entrusted the PandaVPN Auto Renewal Debit before you choose to terminate the Service is still valid, and PandaVPN will not refund the fees deducted based on this order.

8. Expiration date and termination of the agreement

This Agreement shall become effective after you choose to accept or use the Service until terminated by termination of the Service/Revocation of Membership.