33 Free Movie & TV Streaming Sites 2022: Legal/No Sign-up/Ads-free Ones Included

33 Free Movie & TV Streaming Sites 2022: Legal/No Sign-up/Ads-free Ones Included Vic Knott
33 Free Movie & TV Streaming Sites 2022: Legal/No Sign-up/Ads-free Ones Included 2022.09.01
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Free Movies Streaming Sites

(Updated in September 2022) Those 33 free movie streaming sites of 2022 offer you loads of cost-free full movies in English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, or other languages to stream, watch or even download easily.

The years-lasting COVID-19 pandemic has not only given rise to the remote work worldwide, but also helped boost the global streaming subscription greatly. However, since not all customers are willing to invest their money in the increasingly expensive streaming services, especially when they usually have to pay for multiple services to explore more movie or TV show titles, here we’ve rounded up 33 free movie streaming sites, with which you can search and find out a wealth of free films to view without a dime on your computer, mobile, laptop or smart TV. Considering many may prefer free movie sites that won’t ask for a sign-up, we will surely leave a space for them in the list.

But before we take the plunge, you’re suggested to choose legitimate sites that have right to distribute movies and other content on their sites. If any free site doesn’t obtain the license of distributed content, but simply offers viewers pirated movies, it can be regarded as an illegal site. Although it’s not illegal to watch free pirated movies on the web, you’d better think twice to do that in case there comes an unexpected warning letter from your ISP, the movie copyright owner or other possible parties.

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2022 TOP Free Streaming Sites for Movies, TV Shows etc. 

To save time for beginners with no experience, we’ve compared and cherry-picked best 33 best free sites for full movie watching, among which 17 sites are described in detail. You can kick off your new journey with either of them right away. Besides web browsers, many sites also have applications for iOS, Android(TV), Amazon Fire TV/Tablet, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, PS, Xbox, Vizio/LG Smart TV, Hisense VIDAA, Cox, Xfinity, and more. Multi-screen free streaming becomes so easy with them.

#1. Peacock TV 

Launched: 2020
Monthly visits: 61.6 M
Sign-up for free watching: Required
Ads: Y
Available countries: US, UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Italy
Official site: https://www.peacocktv.com/

Peacock TV is undoubtedly the most prevalent free movie streaming site in recent years. Owned by NBCUniversal from Comcast, this New York-based OTT video streaming service provides people a wealth of free movies, TV shows, live sports(WWE has a standalone channel), news, and still a few Peacock-original series. Although this service has only been there for just about 2 years, the monthly active accounts achieved up to 24.5 million in late 2021, merely in the United States.


As the core part to attract newcomers and further boost the premium subscription, Peacock TV’s free version delivers all registered users thousands of hours (40,000 hours) of free movies and TV shows plus other kinds of videos, which may come from its own Peacock brand or similar ones like NBC, Bravo, WWE, and NFL. Obviously, you must create an account with your email beforehand so that you can access the library for free titles (with title or not). As the 2022 FIFA World Cup will kick off soon, you can also watch World Cup live streams here with an account.

After signing in and navigating to the Movie category, you can browse the movie list directly and pick any movie with no premium logo to go ahead. Alternatively, you can enter into any favorite movie genre (nine genres in total including Action & Adventure, Horror, and Kids) to find out what free movie to watch this time. Many great new and classic film names can be found here, such as Separation, The Swordsman, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Dark Waters, The Pursuit of Happyness, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Winters Bone, Coma, Minions, 2012, and Blended. Other hot TV show episodes like the office and YELLOWSTONE are free too for certain season(s).

Pros: Cons:
✓ Legitimate streaming site with diversified free content ✗ The free tier requires sign-up
✗ Some ads last too long (up to 170s)
✗ Limited original content
✗ No quality control option

#2. Tubi 

Launched: 2014
Monthly visits: 28.0 M
Sign-up for free watching: Not necessary
Ads: Y (but many don’t have ads)
Available countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand
Official site: https://tubitv.com/

Tubi is another American OTT content platform like PeacockTV. Launched in 2014 and acquired by Fox Corporation in 2020, this free movie streaming site currently gathers thousands of totally free yet legal movies and TV shows in 35 genres here, even including many Hollywood blockbuster titles from known Paramount, Lionsgate and other studios. Coraline, Hotel Transylvania 2, Project Gemini, Hacker, The Angery Birds Movie, Invasion, Mr. Donkey (Chinese name “驴得水”), The Stepmother, just to name a few. Besides the main content browse channel, Tubi has dedicated Tubi Kids and Live TV channels as well to meet varying entertainment demands. If you’d like to get more free kids movies, animations, anime and family pieces, Tubi Kids is truly a good place to go.


Although Tubi has relatively less users and traffic than PeacockTV, it’s more friendly to newbies, because this free movie site won’t force you to do registration for free streaming. And through testing from web browser, many free movies don’t have pre-ads at all.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Legitimate free streaming site with movie distribution rights
✓ Fox-owned for more big hit movie titles
✓ Sign-up is not a must-do
✓ Video quality options offered (720p at most)
✗ No premium plan
✗ Original TV shows are less than original films

#3. Cineb 

Launched: Unknown
Monthly visits: 13.4M
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: Unspecified (worldwide theoretically)
Ads: N
Official site: https://cineb.net/

Cineb claims officially that it now provides users more than 10,000 movie and TV series titles in total, including a large number of High-definition and even 4K/2160k resources. To help users find favored video fast, it has a “Top IMDB Rating” list, 38 genre and 36 countries pages respectively so that accessing the top IMDb-rating movies, English Hollywood movies, Indian Hindi movies, horror/action/romantic movie and so on without a hassle.

From the homepage, we can easily catch some big names like Hustle, Centauro, Jurassic World: Dominion, Top Gun: Maverick, The Batman, Spider-man: No Way Home and so forth, some of which are labeled as HD sources while some are CAM (a bootleg recording in the cinema and a typical method of pirated movie release). Now, anyone with movie torrent download experience must realize that it may be an illegal free movie sites with no distribution rights. And the truth is it really is.


Cineb said that it applies no server to store movie content but simply link related free movie streaming links from other sites, so you will see several server options when streaming any specific film and if one server stutters, loads all the time or gets error message, you can try some other servers instead. We’ve done some random tests, it does have 1080p HD/4K movies and have offered Download button. However, unluckily, some server links are regarded by the desktop AntiVirus software as scams. That said, you can choose to explore many new and old free movies with excellent box-office, but you should know about the potential risk and possible legal consequences.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Free HD movies & TV shows, with regular updates
✓ No ads
✓ No registration, sign-up or extra pay
✓ Free movie downloads are available for offline playback
✗ Lack distribution right of content
✗ Outdated site design
✗ Server links are not 100% safe

#4. PlexTV (Free Watch) 

Launched: 2020 for free Live TV
Monthly visits: 26.0M (for the whole plex.tv site)
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: all Plex available countries
Ads: Y
Official site: https://www.plex.tv/watch-free/

You don’t have to obtain a Plex account, but with only a few clicks, you can stream and watch 1000s of free movies, TV shows and 250+ free Live TV content on your computer, laptop, chromebook, iPhone, or Android mobile 100% free. Surely, you can also get an app instead, sign it up and have streaming more conveniently within the application. According to the official statement, there are more than 20,000 free films and TV shows in total waiting for your coming.


It not only provides free movies and TV shows in prevalent categories, but also lists the “Most Popular” ones (Tour of Duty, Edge of Tomorrow, and Hannibal) with most visits and “Leaving Soon” pieces in case anyone missed them due to ignorance. What a pity that PlexTV free access doesn’t supply more advanced playback settings like that for resolution and subtitle.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Masses of hot movies and shows
✓ All are licensed
✓ Stellar web design
✗ Fixed quality
✗ No subtitle

#5. MoviesJoy 

Launched: Unspecified
Monthly visits: 26.5M
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: Unspecified
Ads: Y
Official site: https://moviesjoy.to/

MoviesJoy.to is a relatively a new free website for new and best film and television resources of all time. Just like Cineb we’ve mentioned above, it works similarly by collecting free (HD) titles from other sites, displaying them in various genres/countries/TOP IMDB etc., and enabling you to access and watch the content with only a server selection click. There are usually multiple resolution choice and also subtitle in many languages (if the video source has). Better still, you are free to speed the movie up or slow it down and download the full movie video into local hard drive for unlimited playback in the future.


Everything seems excellent, right? But there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Maybe you’ve already realized that these freebies are not legal. Definitely they are. So think twice before you stream and watch them here, especially when you’d like to view some newly-released movies or even free download them to your machine. The site owner also recommends users to leverage a VPN to stay completely anonymous and safe online.

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Pros of MoviesJoy: Cons of MoviesJoy:
✓ No sign-up/subscription.
✓ Advanced settings on video quality, subtitles, and playback speed
✓ Free downloads available
✗ No distribution of all resources
✗ Not ads-free as it claims

#6. Pluto TV 

Launched: 2013
Estimated monthly visits: 21.40M
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries:  Americas and Europe
Ads: Y
Official site: https://pluto.tv/

Pluto TV is a free service from Paramount Streaming that has rich on-demand content from over 400 partners (e.g. Lionsgate, Discovery, MGM, and NFL.). According to its official data, 150,000 hours of content can be viewed at no coast here, and these free things appeal to about 50M active users per month all over the world.

Pluto TV for free movie streaming site

Enjoy its 100s of channels for movies, TV showd, news, sports videos and many more now. From the “On Demand” list, we can easily find the title for the first time from CBS Selects, Most Popular Movies (like Transformers, Face Off, and Jupiter Ascending), Top TV Series, newly-added fils and series, and many other gernes in a few clicks. No sign-up nor sign-in, a slight tap on the “Watch Now” button will forward you to the free watching immediately.

Pros: Cons:
✓ No need to make an account in advance
✓ Licensed content for free
✓ Advanced CC settings
✓ New free content every month
✗ No resolution option

#7. Rakuten Viki 

Founded in: 2007
Monthly visits: 26.80M (not only for free movies)
Sign-up for free watching: Y
Available countries: Worldwide
Ads: Y
Official site: https://www.viki.com/v1/explore?access=free

Rakuten Viki is a free streaming sites from the United States. Among thousands of free TV shows and films from countries worldwide, you can easily filter and find some hot ones from Japan, Korea, Mainland China, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, in any expected subtitles. For anyone who loves binge-watch free content from Asian nations, such as The Full-time Wife Escapist SPECIAL, Love & Wish, Descendants of the Sun, Lovers of the Red Sky (a VIKI original), Rakuten Viki is an ideal place to go.

Rakuten Viki for Free TV Series and Movies

Pros: Cons:
✓ Many free movies and TVs from Asia
✓ Licensed content
✓ Many subtitle languages
✗ Not HD quality

#8. Roku Channel 

Founded in: 2017
Monthly visits: 26.40M (not only for free movies)
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Ads: Y
Official site: https://therokuchannel.roku.com/

The Roku Channel also picked some (thriller/comedy/adventure/drama/crime/family/kids) movies, live channels, (action) TV shows, series premieres, (2K) music videos, Roku originals and so forth for newbies to watch without a penny, even with no account. If you are new to dig free online movies, why not start by watching Roku Channel’ best free high-quality movies like Midnight in the Switchgrass, Searching, The Maze Runner, Enders Game, Tulip Fever, Be With You, Fifty Shades of Grey, and LEAP!

Roku Channel

Pros: Cons:
✓ Some box-office hits included
✓ Legal free streaming
✓ HD quality
✓ No sign-up for free streaming and watching
✗ Limited region support

#9. Freevee 

Launched: 2019
Estimated monthly visits: No data
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: US and UK
Ads: Y
Official site: https://www.amazon.com/adlp/freevee-about

Freevee, formerly IMDb TV, is a free video streaming service from Amazon. By accessing the free movie site with web browser on your computer, you can choose any library title to watch without account creation or subscription. Popular blockbuster movies like Shrek and Deadpool, TV series and original content are free to watch at desired quality standard straightforwardly. But it only serves users from the United States and territories. If you are outside of the area, you will be impossible to see the available free names as you want. Even some free movies could be removed from the Freevee library still, so don’t feel strange to see any film disappear from the library.

Amazon Freevee

Amazon just bought IMDb TV and rebranded it into Freevee in April this year. Users can access it via either the web browser from IMDb or Amazon site, Amazon Fire devices or Amazon Prime Video app. Although it’s just workable in the United States and United Kingdom, Germany will soon be added into the country list and more places will surely become Freevee-friendly if Amazon does have the ambition to dominate the streaming world.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Legal free content, including
✓ Many HD trailers for Hollywood movies
✗ Limited available country

#10. Vudu 

Launched: 2004
Monthly visits: 10.80M
Sign-up for free watching: Y
Available countries:  United States
Ads: Y
Official site: https://www.vudu.com/

Another only US-available free legitimate content provider! Once owned by Wlmart, and now Vudu free is operated by NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. Discovery’s joint-venture – Fandango Media. From media player to streaming service, Vudu brand served a vast number of users and had many of them be its loyal customers.

Vudu Fandango Streaming Site

vudu.com is not a site dedicated to offering free movies and TV episodes, but it’s easily for anyone to thanks to the intuitive web design. By either visiting the “Free” page or filtering “Free movies only” or “Free TV only” on related classification, you can see what content you can play without money (honor movies are more welcomes on Vudu free). However, account sign-in is asked to watch them free unless you only plan to watch free trailers. For registered users, it all depends on the real demands as to whether upgrading the plan to buy or rent something they are interested.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Legal free streaming content ✗ You should sign in first to enjoy the free content with ads
✗ Limited movies

#11. Putlocker 

Launched: 2011
Monthly visits: Unknown
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: Unspecified
Ads: Y
Official site: offline now
Clone/Alternative site example: https://ww2.putlocker.fan/

Putlocker should be ranked higher thanks to its super-recognizable brand name and user base. Imagine that how large the traffic is since it’s once one of the 250 most-visited site on the earth! Nevertheless, this free streaming site was closed by UK in 2016 due to its heavy piracy threat to MPA consisting of 5 major film studios – Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Columbia Pictures.


Nobody knows whether the current Putlocker-named sites are run by the the original members or not, even the very first-ranked site https://putlocker-is.org/ is just a search engine service with no free movie watch option at all. That’s why another site link was given above for better free entertainment media files seeking.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Smart free movie searching and watch ✗ Clone site of Putlocker
✗ No distribution right
✗ Possible 404 server loading

#12. 123Movies 

Launched: 2015–2016
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: Unspecified
Ads: Y
Official site: offline now
Clone/Alternative site example: https://ww5.0123movie.net/ (estimated 17.2M visits per month)

123Movies’s life is similar to that of Putlocker. This Vietnam-based website for free file streaming was once marked by MPAA (now MPA) as the No.1 illegal site and shut down in 2018. So all 123Movies sites we can reach now belong to clone new sites, which work the same by offering visitors free content links from other sites.


Set the new workable 123movies’ clone site listed for example, it permits you to do search for whatever favorite movie or discover new titles you didn’t have time to taste before through existing lists for genres, countries, movies, TV series, TOP IMDb and A-Z list. The site told users that it’s legal to watching free movies here, but since it doesn’t get related licenses anyway, it’s also risky to watch new shows.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Tons of free HD movies ✗ Clone sites
✗ Not legit movie resources
✗ To many pop-ups maybe

#13. Solarmovie 

Monthly visits: 12.30M
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: Worldwide
Ads: N
Official site: https://solarmovie.pe/

Solarmovie is another popular free streaming site with over 10,000 movies and TV-Series and millions of visits per month. This site has just gained its names in recent years, from which you can search and acquire all possible free movie streaming server links in seconds. Yes, it does not host or distribute movie by itself, but only helps you find out and arrive any preferred free movie on its site.


Watching free 1080p HD movies without ads and registration on Solarmovie site is as easy as ABC. However, you should know that although it says “streaming movies and TV shows online on SolarMovies is not considered illegal”, this kind of sites is illegal under European law (not illegal in the US). What’s more, even streaming is not illegal here, downloading or sharing pirated content from this site is de facto against the law.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Plenty of free movies and TV series
✓ No ads
✓ Download options are given
✗ Popups when loading movies

#14. Actvid 

Monthly visits: 6.60M
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: worldwide
Ads: N
Official site: https://www.actvid.com/

If you’ve visited some pirated movie indexing sites above, you must recognize that all of those free movie streaming sites runs in the same way as if they are from the same company or tech team. Absolutely, Actvid is not an exception too.


It provides all users an ad-free way to open up the free movie world. Just watch whatever full action/honor/Top IMDb movie in SD or 720p/1080p HD movies and TV shows episodes with English or other available subtitles at will. 300,000+ titles, more resources than you might think.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Index a great deal of free movies and TV series links
✓ Downloadable free movies
✓ No sign-up asked
✗ Links are all from pirated content

#15. Streamm4u.net 

Launched: Unknown
Monthly visits: 5M
Sign-up for free watching: N
Ads: N
Available countries: worldwide
Official site: https://streamm4u.ws/

Streamm4U.net is a active free movie site where you can search and find 2022 new movies and TV series, most viewed films, 18+ movies, animations and many more in clicks by searching title, director, actor directly. Lists for the day, week, month, year, as well as genres are also given to help audiences dig out for more free resources.


Pros: Cons:
✓ No sign-up, nor ads
✓ High quality videos with English or other subtitles
✗ Illegal free resources
✗ Pop-up ads at the site’s right-bottom corner

#16. ChiliMovie 

Launched: 2016
Monthly visits: 2M
Sign-up for free watching: Y
Ads: N
Available countries: United States
Official site: https://www.chilimovie.com/us

ChiliMovie is a place where you can find many legal movies and TV shows from 20+ mainstream streaming services in the United States like Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Vidoe, Fubo TV, and Hulu. You can browser trending and hot movies and TV shows by genres directly to see if your favorite one is included.


Currently, ChiliMovie seems to focus more on the Prime Video since it not only provides independent lists for both movies and TV shows, but also sets more purchase button and ads for it to attract more clicks.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Legal resources from many US-based streaming services ✗ Free only with service subscription

#17. Crackle 

Launched: 2011
Monthly visits: 1.6M
Sign-up for free watching: N
Ads: Y
Available countries: United States
Official site: https://www.crackle.com/

Crackle is a popular yet free video streaming platform from Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment based in Connecticut, USA. It was actually founded in 2004 as the name of “Grouper” and was bought by Sony in 2006. One year later, Sony updated the name to Crackle. But through years of efforts, Sony Picture Television didn’t make the streaming service a strong competitor against big brothers like Netflix. Consequently, Sony sold the service’s stake to Chicken Soup.


Back to the point, Crackle offers all of the US users full while free legal movies (1000+ according to JustWatch), TV shows and programming made by itself on the web. As to movie library, Crackle presents about 40 genres, say Action, Comedy, Documentary, Family, Horror, Sci-Fi, British, Western, (True) Crime, and Foreign Language. You can browse and pick by genres, by A-Z list or direct search. At present, featured titles on the homepage include Edge of Tomorrow, In The Vault, American Animals, Hollywood Bulldogs, Sherlock (BBC series) etc.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Free legitimate content
✓ Advanced subtitle appearance setting
✓ Both acquired programming and original content
✗ No quality control choice
✗ Annoying (maybe long) ads during the playtime

#18. Popcornflix 

Launched: 2011
Estimated monthly visits: 1.4M
Sign-up for free watching: N
Available countries: Primarily available in US & Canada
Ads: Y
Official site: https://popcornflix.com/

Popcoinflix is a free video-on-demand/VOD streaming site mainly for movies and TV series. Despite it has gained its fame for many years, many people may not know that it has the same parent owner of Crackle – Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (acquired by it in 2017), and it’s Chicken Soup’s subsidiary American-Canadian distribution firm – Screen Media – that takes charge of it.

Free movie sites - Popcornflix

Popcornflix collects both theatrically released and independent films at a large number and many genres like action, honor, comedy, kids, and documentaries, all for free and 100% legal. There’s no exact number of how many films are this free streaming platform has. Some claim that there’s less titles than Crackle here and theh quality is quite poor, and maybe that’re  two reasons why Crackle gets more attention and traffic. Besides, since it only serves the United States and Canada, if you are outside the two countries, you will have to access the site with the help of a VPN to change IP address first.

Get PandaVPN
Pros of Popcornflix: Cons of Popcornflix:
✓ No sign up for free watching
✓ Legal free movies
✗ Not high quality with no quality setting
✗ Multiple ad-break pieces
✗ Some videos have no subtitles

*Note: Chicken Soup for the Soul has another less-known free movies and series streaming site called Truli, which also delivers some free podcasts and books. If you are interested, just check it out by yourself and we will not describe it in details.

#19. Kanopy 

Founded in: 2008
Monthly visits: 2.10M
Sign-up for free watching: Y
Available countries: Worldwide
Ads: N
Official site: https://www.kanopy.com/

Kanopy is somewhat different from other general free movie streaming sites since this VOD streaming platform is created and supported by the public libraries and universities. That makes the site free only for those with public library card, the student or professor from eligible colleges and universities.

Free movie site - Kanopy

Thousands of best & new films, documentaries, stories and tales, TV series, science and math, and other learning materials are free here. Moonlight, What We Do In the Shadows, Hereditary, Collet… The entertainment can be thoughtful without cost indeed.

Pros: Cons:
✓ Legal site with licensed movies
✓ High-quality videos are offered
✓ Really rich learning materials besides movies
✗ Not free and open for all
✗ Offline download is not supported
✗ No Live TV streaming content

#20-33 Free Movie Streaming Sites for Free Movie Watch Online 

Official Sites Estimated Visits Sign-up Quality Control
#20 Channel 4 https://www.channel4.com/ 21.50M / Month Y N
#21 Soap2day https://soap2day.rs/ 18.40M / Month N Y
#22 TinyZone https://tinyzonetv.to/ 16.7M / Month N Y
#23 iQIYI https://www.iq.com/ 16.60M / Month N Y
#25 PRIMEWIRE https://primewire.mx/ 9.6M / Month N Y
#26 THEFLIXER https://theflixer.tv/ 7.00M / Month N Y
#26 Yidio https://www.yidio.com/ 3.40M / Month Y It only lists links for free legal sources.
#27 YES Movies https://yesmovies.ag/ 3.40M / Month N Y
#28Movies2watch https://movies2watch.cc/ 2.60M / Month N Y
#29 GO STREAM https://gostream.site/ 746.80K / Month N Y
#30 SPACEMOV https://spacemov.site/ 694.30K / Month N Y
#31 Flixtor Media https://flixtor.media/ 440.40K / Month N Y
#32 123Movies https://wv.movies123.sbs/ unknown N Y
#33 YouTube YouTube Movies & Shows Channel unknown N Y

FAQs on Free Movie Streaming Sites 

question Why some top-ranked sites in other roundups are not found here?
We’ve testing more free streaming sites for movies and TVs than you might think. Considering some sites are visibly dangerous with too many dangerous/annoying pop-ups or domain forwarding links (e.g https://fmovies.to/), or are not working anymore, we’ve just left them out and finally present you this final workable sites list.

question Is it legal and safe to stream free movies online?
Firstly, if you are watching them on legal sites with distribution right of given movies like PeacockTV, Tubi and Roku Channel, it’s completely legal and secure.

Then, if you are going to view free movies on free pirated content hosting or indexing sites, your behavior may be not illegal but the sites that have server to hosing pirated media are 100% illegal.

Don't do illegal downloads or other activities online

At last, those free sites with a big database of pirated movies often allow users to download and store the file locally. As a matter of fact, downloading pirated/copyrighted movie video without the content owner’s permission is illegal, and sometimes are not so safe because nobody knows whether the downloaded file is safe or not. If the related parties track the action back to you with IP address, you will get in trouble. Despite you can hide your IP address with VPN or/and Tor browser, nothing is absolute.

question Is VPN necessary for streaming free movies and TV shows?
It depends. Generally, the VPN software is only suggested to use in the following cases:

– If the free legal streaming sites are not available in the area where you are located in now, you will need a VPN to bypass geo-blocking and regain the ability to access them, for instant watching UK-available Channel4 in USA and viewing Vudu outside the US.

Get PandaVPN

– If you are searching, streaming or downloading movies on illegal pirated content hosting or indexing sites, you’d better mask your location for better anonymity and avoiding possible data breach if there’s a sign-up and sign-in.

We respect copyright and advocate all people to value and protect it for a better world still, so please go to legal free movie streaming sites like Peacock TV, Tube, PlexTV, and YouTube for free watch.

Vic Knott

A senior tech editor whose focus is diving into everything related to cybersecurity.

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