How to Play & Download PUBG New State in PUBG-Banned Countries?

How to Play & Download PUBG New State in PUBG-Banned Countries? Tony Bennett
How to Play & Download PUBG New State in PUBG-Banned Countries? 2021.11.25
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PUBG New State

New PUBG is already here! As the sequel to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG New State happens on the Island of Troi in 2051, where players collect supplies and battle each other to fight for survival.

PUBG: New State supports over 200 countries, including some countries with a history of banning PUBG and PUBG Mobile like India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UAE. However, for several countries with stricter internet censorship, the PUBG: New State is still unavailable, including China, Vietnam, etc.

How to play and download PUBG New State in PUBG-banned countries? keep reading to figure out.

PUBG New State Launch Date and Price 

The PUBG: New State release date is on November 11, 2021. Players can get it onto their Android and iOS devices from App Store, Google Play Store, and Samsung Galaxy Store.

Surprisingly, PUBG: New State comes to India in which there is a history of months-long ban. And the launch date for PUBG New State India is also on the same day.

Like its predecessor, PUBG: New State is free to play. Players can purchase skins, weapons, and future expansions in the game.

PUBG New State Launch Celebrating Activities 

To celebrate the global release of the new PUBG mobile game, Krafton has announced a number of celebrating activities.

From November 11, 2021 to January 5, 2022 at 23:59 (UTC+0), simply log into PUBG: New State, and gamers will receive a super cool pre-registration vehicle skin (Takion TR1). The rewards also include a New State profile icon, a New State profile frame, and a chicken medal.

PUBG New State Takion TR1

Moreover, for players logging in to PUBG: New State for consecutive 5 days, they can get rich rewards like parachute skin, in-game currency, New State logo T-shirt and pants, New State patch, etc.

How to Download PUBG New State in PUBG-Banned Countries? 

PUBG: New State now is available on Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store and App Store. Players can go to the store to download. In countries where PUBG: New State is banned, you’ll need a VPN.

PUBG New State Download for iOS

1. Run a VPN on your device. A paid VPN is more encouraged.
2. Go to Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Store to search for PUBG: New State and download it to your Android device.

PUBG New State Download for Android

1. Run a VPN on your device.
2. Go to App Store to search for PUBG: New State and get it downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad.

How to play PUBG New State in PUBG-Banned Countries? PandaVPN Can Help! 

In countries where the game is unavailable, you’ll need a VPN to unblock PUBG: New State.

PandaVPN is based in Seychelles that is out of the intelligence-sharing range within the 5, 9, and 14 Eyes Alliance, offering private, safe and private VPN connections. What makes PandaVPN deserves a try?

PandaVPN safeguards your online privacy.

Large Server Network – Over 3000 servers (and counting) are set in 178 VPN server locations of 80 countries around the world.
Fast VPN Speed – All servers are featured with patented acceleration technology, without speed limit and data cap.
Simultaneous Connections on Multiple Devices – You can play PUBG: New State on 3 devices at the same time. iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, etc., are supported.
No Log Policy – Don’t record any user’s name, email address, payment info (if you pay in Bitcoin), browsing history, downloaded files, etc.
ECC Encryption & OpenVPN Protocol – The highest level of ECC encryption safeguard your every connection. OpenVPN further protects your online traffic.

Here comes the step-by-step guide to play PUBG New State with PandaVPN.

1. Get PandaVPN and Install It onto Your Device

First, head to its official page and click Get PandaVPN. You’ll get a random digital account. Set a password for it. Then, select a VPN Plan and pay for it. The best price goes to the 1+1-year package.

Get PandaVPN

Next, download PandaVPN and install it onto your Android or iOS device. Finally, run PandaVPN, log in to your account, and choose a server to connect.

Choose a server to connect.

2. Download PUBG: New State

Go to Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store or App Store to download PUBG New State onto your device.

3. See You in the Game!

Open PUBG: New State to experience the new battle royale! Log into the game for the first time, and you’ll receive super cool pre-registration vehicle skin. And the celebration event runs until January 6, 2022.

PUBG New State Requirements 

Check PUBG: New State system requirements as follows:

OS Device
Android iOS 13.0 or later iPhone 6 or higher
iOS Android 6.0 or later 2GB RAM or higher

Note: the download size will vary with the device.

PUBG New State Known Issues 

There are some known issues about PUBG: New State. Have a check and learn how to fix them.

1. The game fails to get started on a Xiaomi device occasionally.

Try to update your device’s OS to the latest version and then restart the game.

2. Experience occasionally flickering or abnormal colors in the game.

This issue may happen on an older OS Android device. You can try to update your device’s OS to the latest version and then restart the game.

If the issue persists, go to the game Settings > Graphics > Graphics API to OPEN GL and then restart the app.

3. The sensitivity works differently from the actual set value.

Go to the Sensitivity Setting tabs and reset the sensitivity to one of the following options: Low/Medium/High.

4. The server function fails to work.

This issue may happen when players are trying to log in for the first time. Go to Settings > Map Selection to select the server closest to your location after entering the Lobby.

5. Ping information is wrong.

This issue may be caused due to a temporary UI error. You can restart the app and reselect a server. Just follow the steps: Settings > Basic > Connection > Select Server.


Players in countries where PUBG New State is banned will need a VPN to unblock the game. PandaVPN can not only get you access to the brand new battleground, but also offer you private and secure internet connections. Your online traffic will be encrypted. No one can snoop on you. Get it to have a try >

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