VPN for USA Free & Paid: Get US IP for American Netflix and Other Services

VPN for USA Free & Paid: Get US IP for American Netflix and Other Services Tony Bennett
VPN for USA Free & Paid: Get US IP for American Netflix and Other Services 2022.11.07
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Netflix, the home base of Netflix in the United States, has always been a huge attraction to Netflix fans around the world. Netflix lovers outside the United States cannot access US Netflix due to geographical restrictions and copyright protection. If you want to access Netflix US, you have to get a US IP.

Below we will introduce you to several VPN applications. Read on to learn which VPNs have the most US server locations, where to download a US VPN for free, and how to set up and connect to a US IP.

Best VPN in America – PandaVPN 

PandaVPN is our top choice for US VPN. PandaVPN currently offers a 3-day free trial to new Android users, with no credit card and other payment information required. New iOS users will need to subscribe to take advantage of the 7-day trial. Here are PandaVPN’s more reliable features.

Download PandaVPN Trial

US server list 

The number of US servers or US IPs is the first factor we consider when choosing a US VPN. PandaVPN now has 45 (and counting) US servers covering 25 (and counting) VPN locations in the US.

The number of US servers or US IPs is the first factor we consider when choosing a US VPN. PandaVPN now has 45 (and counting) US servers covering 25 (and counting) VPN locations in the US.

Server location Quantity State
Los Angeles 11 California
New York City 4 New York
Seattle 4 Washington
Chicago 3 Illinois
Las vegas 3 Nevada
Denver 1 Colorado
Atlanta 1 Georgia
Phoenix 1 Arizona
Washington 1 Washington
New Jersey 1 New Jersey
San Francisco 1 Northern California
Jacksonville 1 Florida
Boston 1 Massachusetts
Utah 1 Utah
San Jose 1 California
Dallas 1 Texas
Miami 1 Florida
Ashburn 1 Virginia
Philadelphia 1 Pennsylvania
Houston 1 Texas
Fremont 1 California
Santa Clara 1 California
Kansas City 1 Missouri
Portland 1 Oregon
Saint Louis 1 Missouri

1) PandaVPN also offers dedicated servers in the United States. Obtain a personal IP address in the United States
, enjoy faster speeds even during peak hours. 2) Most PandaVPN US servers support IPv6.
3) The latest version of PandaVPN provides mobile users with free Los Angeles, USA IP.

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US VPN for Netflix and other streaming services 

The libraries of popular American streaming platforms don’t offer the same content as the rest of the world. For example, the only way to change your Netflix region and watch US Netflix is to get a US IP address.

PandaVPN’s US servers have strong capabilities for unblocking Netflix and many other streaming services. Here are the popular streaming services supported by PandaVPN:

Netflix Hulu Disney+ HBO Daznin

Sling TV

Fubo Fox ESPN



1) PandaVPN also cooperates with Niconico, AbemaTV, ViuTV, TVB, BBC iPlayer, ITV, FranceTV, etc.
2) PandaVPN will constantly update its server list, so stay tuned for more streaming platforms.


Fast speed is the basis of streaming, and no one can accept video delay during streaming. PandaVPN does not impose traffic caps or bandwidth restrictions. We ran speed tests via speedcheck.org on some random US servers.

US Server Locations Download(Mbps) Upload(Mbps) Ping(Noun)
Los Angeles – 6 352.62 62.84 171.4
New York 142.95 26.88 172.1
Miami 111.91 19.31 159.9
Chicago 136.73 25.83 169.8
Seattle 129.3 28.51 134

1) Routing mode: global VPN mode.
2) VPN speed is affected by many factors, such as your location, internet connection, current server load, etc. The closer you are to the United States, the faster your VPN connection will be and the lower your latency will be.

Security and privacy

Protecting user traffic and privacy security is a VPN’s top priority. PandaVPN features ECC encryption technology, OpenVPN protocol, and WireGuard protocol.

The ECC policy is part of the U.S. government’s standards for protecting sensitive information. OpenVPN is the most common VPN protocol today, while WireGuard is a relatively new protocol that is faster than OpenVPN.

As for privacy, PandaVPN is based in the Seychelles. This means that government agencies will not force PandaVPN to provide user privacy, as there are no laws in the country requiring the company to retain user data.

You don’t need to provide an email to sign up for PandaVPN. Instead, PandaVPN generates a random number account. This adds credibility to PandaVPN’s zero-logs policy. See: 0-log VPN >

PandaVPN 无日志政策

Prices and Refunds

Price is also a factor that many people consider. All of the US VPNs on our list offer great value for money with features and services. For more details, check out the table below. We’ve compared several VPNs below.

More US VPNs and comparison with PandaVPN 

We found more VPNs for the US to choose from and compared them to our favorite, PandaVPN. The table below includes free and paid US VPNs.

US server Server country/region Best Price Free trial Refund Noun
PandaVPN 45 80 $2.49/month 3-7天 Y Seychelles
ExpressVPN 16 94 $6.67/month 7天 Y The British Virgin Islands
NordVPN 16 59 $3.69/month 7天 Y Panama
PIA 53 84 $2.03/month 7天 Y USA
PrivadoVPN Free 1 9 / / / Switzerland

Proton VPN Free

1 3 / / / Switzerland
Atlas VPN Free 2 3 / / / USA

hide.me VPN

2 4 / / / Malaysia

1) PandaVPN is free for a 3-day trial on new Android devices, no credit card and other payment information required. New iOS users need to subscribe to PandaVPN to get a 7-day free trial. You can cancel at any time and your trial will continue after cancellation.

No risk, cancel anytime

2) ExpressVPN’s free trial on mobile requires a subscription to its 12-month plan. You will need to provide your email address and credit card. Charges start after 7 days. Its jurisdiction is BVI, meaning Virgin Islands (United Kingdom), a haven of privacy.

3) NordVPN also has a 7-day free trial. You can only get it from the Google Play Store, and you’ll be asked to add a credit card and choose a subscription plan. Charges start from the 8th day.

4) PIA stands for VPN Private Internet Access and is headquartered in the United States, a Five Eyes country. Canada is a jurisdiction of Windscribe and a member of the Five Eyes alliance. For many people, this may be a red flag.

5) The free trial period of PIA on mobile devices is 7 days. Payment details are required and you will be charged the annual subscription fee on the last day of your 7-day PIA trial.

6) As you can see, free VPNs offer very limited US servers. And Hide.me, Atlas VPN, and Proton VPN don’t support streaming.

USA VPN Free Download 

After testing, we chose PandaVPN as our editor’s choice because of its cheap VPN price, large US server network, and strong security. Plus, it offers a free trial on Android devices without a credit card! Check the table below to learn where to download PandaVPN for any device.

PandaVPN Windows exe https://pandavpnpro.com/download/windows
PandaVPN Mac dmg https://pandavpnpro.com/download/mac
PandaVPN Android apk https://pandavpnpro.com/download/android
iOS PandaVPN https://pandavpnpro.com/download/ios
Linux PandaVPN https://pandavpnpro.com/download/linux
PandaVPN for Android TV https://pandavpnpro.com/download/android-tv
PandaVPN App Store https://apps.apple.com/app/id1450910298
PandaVPN Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pandavpn.androidproxy

How to get a US IP? 

Here we take PandaVPN for Android as an example to show you how to obtain a US IP.

Step 1: Download and install PandaVPN.
Go to PandaVPN’s official website to download the PandaVPN apk and install it on your Android phone or tablet. Open it and you will get a PandaVPN trial account. Then set a password for your account and log in.

Download PandaVPN

Step 2: Connect to a US server.
Go into the PandaVPN server list and look for the US dedicated server group. Or click the search icon to search for what you want. Click on any server to change the IP address to the United States.

PandaVPN 美国服务器

Frequently Asked Questions about US VPNs 

Q: Are there any free US VPNs?
PrivadoVPN, Windscribe, Proton VPN, Atlas VPN, and Hide.me all offer free VPN plans that include limited US IP and free data. Please note that Hide.me, Atlas VPN, and Proton VPN do not support streaming. Additionally, free VPNs’ servers are often heavily loaded, so you may experience slow connection speeds.

Q: Which VPN has the most US locations?
Our tests show that PIA has the most US servers. However, you should know that PIA is based in the United States, which is actually not an ideal place to run a VPN. We recommend PandaVPN, which is based in the Seychelles, a country with no data retention laws. PandaVPN currently has 45 US servers.

Get PandaVPN Trial
Q: Where can I find my US LOL VPN?
Chicago, Illinois is said to be the best server location for League of Legends in the United States.

哈哈 VPN

Q: What are the best VPN Android apps for the US version of Netflix?
PandaVPN Android is our top choice for US Netflix. PandaVPN has over 40 US servers and even offers a 3-day free trial with no subscription required.

Q: How to watch HotStar for free in the US without a VPN?
You can try free web proxy such as 4everproxy. The same problem is that free servers are often crowded, resulting in slow connections and laggy videos.

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