MLBB VPN: How to Play Game with It, What’re the Benefits, Is It Legal to Use?

MLBB VPN: How to Play Game with It, What’re the Benefits, Is It Legal to Use? Vic Knott
MLBB VPN: How to Play Game with It, What’re the Benefits, Is It Legal to Use? 2022.11.08
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Sometimes a Mobile Legends VPN is very necessary, so you can learn how to use a VPN with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and various MLBB tips in this article.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, also known as MLBB, Mobile Legends or ML, is a popular MOBA mobile video game. MOBA is short for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and there are many big-name MOBAs around the world, such as League of Legends/LOL, Valorent, Dota/2, and Overwatch. Since its birth in 2016, “Mobile Legends” has been downloaded more than 1 billion times as of July 2021, and annual in-game purchase revenue in 2020 exceeded $218 million. According to the latest report from Statista, “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” ranked second among the “world’s most popular MOBA game apps in September 2021” (after Pokémon UNITE), with 7 million downloads in a single month.

Although the game was released in multiple countries and regions, marketing details vary widely from place to place. For example, since Mobile Legends is well-known in Southeast/Southeast Asia regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, more new heroes are created and released here to meet the needs of the huge ML crowd, said Gatotkaca and Kadita of Indonesia and Lapu -Philippine Lapp/Trivia. Whether you are in a country where Mobile Legends Bang Bang is unavailable or you are facing some bandwidth limitations or game ban issues, you can use a VPN for Mobile Legends Bang Bang to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy full Game speed ping is less.


How to use Mobile Legends VPN to unblock games, change servers, get free gifts and fix game lag 

You can get many benefits from Mobile Legends VPN (4 benefits are listed in the section below), such as bypassing ISP bandwidth limitations, unblocking geo-blocking, and changing server locations for free skins/diamonds. Just like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s 515 M-World celebration this year, it offers free hero Roy, new skins, free rewards, and more for avid ML players.

Now let’s look at the steps on how to achieve these goals.

Step 1. Get a good VPN for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Since Mobile Legends is only available on iOS and Android portable devices, choosing a flexible VPN that works on these platforms is a must. Here, PandaVPN is a good choice due to its cross-platform compatibility, simplicity, accelerated (gaming) servers, wide location support (170+ regions worldwide and counting), good user base and reputation in Southeast Asia and beyond. world.

Get PandaVPN


Step 2. Select a mode and the server location you wish to connect to
“Smart Mode” is ready for novices who don’t know how to choose VPN mode. In addition, “OpenVPN Mode” and “WireGuard Mode” are also good choices.

You can manually select the server location you want to be in the Mobile Legends game from the server list. All hot battlefield positions can be found here, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Japan, Myanmar, Singapore, Bangladesh, Brazil, and the United States.

PandaVPN Android主界面

No need to press the button again, it automatically connects to the target server as soon as you select it.

Step 3. Go back and open Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to learn what you want to do with VPN
If you don’t have MLBB on your phone, please download it from the store and complete the installation. You are then free to create a new account in the region, play with local ML enthusiasts, enjoy the power of region-restricted heroes, and participate in special events in the region to get free skins or diamonds. If you’re not changing country, but just using another IP address here to get around bandwidth limitations, game faster, or buy something in a 100% secure way, a successful connection will make everything happen.

立即玩 MLBB

☛ Setup Tips Note:
PandaVPN for iOS/Android provides split tunneling functionality to enable or disable VPN in certain applications. If you’d like to customize it, such as allowing only Mobile Legends games to use VPN, turn this feature on under Settings and check “Enable VPN for selected apps” -> “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”. This gaming VPN is not only suitable for Mobile Legends, but can also speed up and unlock other titles such as LOL, PUBG, Garena Free Fire, and more.

仅为 MLBB 启用 VPN

Benefits of using Mobile Legends VPN 

Since many new players may not know what Mobile Legends VPN is and why they should use it, the various benefits of using a VPN program for gaming are shared below for your reference.

Benefit 1: Bypass ISP bandwidth throttling and reduce/eliminate latency issues

Internet service providers (aka ISPs) often enforce bandwidth throttling during peak times of the day to relieve network stress, which is a common occurrence unless users pay for a more advanced service that doesn’t have bandwidth throttling. This limitation will definitely impact the experience of web browsing, media streaming, file uploading/downloading, and playing online games, especially the last three things. Most game boosters simply don’t solve this problem.

When it comes to the Mobile Legends game, you usually experience long loading times, game lag issues, and high ping. To improve or even avoid these annoying hassles and enjoy lag-free or smooth MLBB battles, as mentioned above, you can upgrade your internet service level. If this is not what you are looking for, then another method here is to utilize Mobile Legends VPN to get rid of any bandwidth limitations. Yes, that includes not just restrictions from ISPs, but also restrictions from companies, schools, public WiFi owners, and more.

pandavpn 速度快

Benefit 2: Change Mobile Legends server location and join a team in any target region

Registered gamers often have many reasons to change a game’s server location. Based on a comprehensive investigation, we found that the number one reason for MLBB server changes is to match players from different countries, whether it is Asian hotspots such as Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, Myanmar, Singapore, etc., or multinational regions. Continental regions such as the United States, Russia, Türkiye and Brazil.

By default, the game servers you will participate in are based on your current location. In other words, you only have the chance to fight with people in the same location. Although Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends (a gaming company from China that was now acquired by TikTok parent company ByteDance in March 2021), allows users to change their profile country, it is only once and has to do with server distribution. Nothing to do. This makes a VPN for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang a must-have to experience other servers and players, or specific regional events or promotions.

For users outside the Mobile Legends supported area, the game can only be played normally if the IP address is switched to an IP address available to MLBB. If not, the system will always send you a cold system notification popup as shown below for notification.

– “We regret that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently unavailable in your country or region.”

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 在您所在地区不可用

Benefit 3: Get skins, diamonds, etc. for free.

This is somewhat similar to the last benefit. As mentioned before, some ML fighters change servers just to participate in limited-area activities. Earning free skins and diamonds is actually their main purpose.

To achieve this exciting goal of claiming free prizes, you must pay attention to relevant events from time to time (such as Ca$h Awaits Reward in the Philippines), seize the opportunity, with tickets, and of course, with the help of a VPN. Apparently, this has become a skill that more and more machine learning novices have mastered.

Benefit 4: Ensure your payment is 100% safe

VPNs are known for their ability to improve online privacy and network security. With a VPN running in the background, every time you make an in-game purchase, it encrypts your data and locks your shopping account, passwords, and potentially other personal information so that others cannot collect, store, analyze, or even steal your Data is used for profit purposes. Securing internet payments is important in everything, not just in-game purchases. Therefore, anyone who wants to engage in online shopping is advised to have a VPN nearby.

Is Mobile Legends VPN legal/illegal to use? 

First of all, you need to know that each game has its own account and user behavior management rules to maintain a fair gaming environment, and the same is true for “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”. If you are caught using a VPN to obtain free skins or diamonds too quickly, creating an unfair playing field, your account may be banned and never reinstated. However, think twice before you decide to get something valuable through a VPN.

What else can I use MLBB VPN for? 

VPN is one of the most used tools when it comes to internet privacy and freedom, with which you can not only play the Mobile Legends game without being restricted by your ISP, but also unlock other banned games through a virtual IP address provided elsewhere. Websites and Apps. VPN. Apart from this, a VPN also helps hide your IP address for better anonymity, stay safe when connected to public Wi-Fi networks, and enjoy global discounts on cheaper flights, merchandise, and more. (>>10 reasons to use a VPN)

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