Twitter VPN: How to Unblock Twitter Ban?

Author Tony Bennett
Publish date 2021.12.30
Author Tony Bennett
Publish date 2021.12.30
How to Unblock Twitter

Twitter is censored in some countries that internet censorship is strict. Governments in China, North Korea, Turkey, Iran, Nigeria, etc., use firewalls and censorship laws to ban Twitter. Schools also block Twitter through firewalls to prevent students from accessing sensitive info on Twitter.

Beyond that, there is censorship by Twitter itself. For example, in Germany and France, certain content is blocked by Twitter to comply with local laws.

How to unblock Twitter? A Twitter VPN can help. Read the following content to know more details.

Why is Twitter blocked? How does Twitter ban work?

Twitter is an online news and social networking platform where people discover today’s biggest events and communicate with others. Why is Twitter blocked sometimes?

Some governments and ISPs block the flow of information among their citizens on Twitter, especially in times of social and political unrest. Schools use firewalls to ban Twitter to prevent students from communicating with each other.

How does a Twitter ban work? Every time you connect to the internet, your network gives you an IP address that identifies where you are and what you are doing. Based on your IP address, governments, internet service providers, and schools block your access to Twitter.

How does a VPN unblock Twitter?

A VPN, or virtual private network, unblocks Twitter by switching your IP address to its server’s address. This changes the IP address that you show to websites online. That way, you can bypass network restrictions and tweet with freedom.

What makes a good Twitter VPN?

First, let’s figure out what makes a VPN good for getting around the Twitter ban.

  • – Strong ability to unblock Twitter
    – Global server network to ensure people from anywhere have access to Twitter
    – Fast speed servers to make sure a great twitter experience
    – Unbreakable VPN encryption to safeguard your every connection online
    – Strict zero log policy to respect your privacy
    – Strong device support to meet multiple devices to use Twitter with the same account

Based on the above features, we recommend PandaVPN to you, offering private, secure, and fast VPN service.

100% Success Rate to Unblock Twitter – With a strong ability to bypass internet censorship and firewalls, PandaVPN guarantees you 100% access to Twitter.

3000+ VPN Servers Around the World – PandaVPN has a large global server network that offers you plenty of chances to get an alternative IP address. Always choose the servers close to your location, which makes sure you get the fastest VPN speed.

PandaVPN offers over 3,000 servers all around the world.

High Speed Servers to Offer Good Experience – PandaVPN doesn’t set a limit on bandwidth and speed. All servers are featured with patented acceleration technology so that you can enjoy a lightning-fast and stable speed.

ECC Encryption to Secure your Connections – PandaVPN adopts the highest level of ECC encryption that is based on the elliptic curve theory. Once connecting to PandaVPN, all traffic you send and receive online is through a private tunnel, where ISPs, advertisers on the web, and hidden hackers have no way to snoop on what you do.

0 Log Policy to Respect your Privacy – PandaVPN respects every user’s privacy. Signing up for PandaVPN requires no of your profile name, email address. Instead, you get a string of random digital numbers as your account.

Paying with Bitcoin requires no credit card info. Also, PandaVPN doesn’t log your search history, browsing habits, and any files you download via PandaVPN.

3 Devices Supported with the Same Account – PandaVPN works on three devices with the same account. Devices including Android mobile phone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, iMac, Windows PC, Android TV, etc., are all supported.

How to unblock Twitter with PandaVPN?

Unblocking Twitter is easy with PandaVPN. Now follow the simple steps below to bypass the Twitter ban.

  1. Step 1. Sign up for PandaVPN.

Go to PandaVPN’s official page and tap on Get PandaVPN to enter the sign-up page. You’ll get a random digital account. Set a unique and complex password for your account.

Get PandaVPN

Then, select a VPN plan and pay for it. PandaVPN supports various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, UnionPay, Bitcoin, etc. There are several VPN plans for you to choose from. And the best deal goes to the 1+1-year package. Buy one year’s VPN service and you’ll get one extra year’s service.

  1. Step 2. Download PandaVPN.

Next, go back to PandaVPN’s download page to download PandaVPN and install it on your device. As mentioned earlier, multiple devices including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android TV are supported.

  1. Step 3. Connect to a server that is located in a country with unlimited access to Twitter.

After installation is complete, run PandaVPN, log in to your account and password, and choose a server located in a country where there is no Twitter ban.

PandaVPN has a large server network.

Besides unblocking Twitter, what else can PandaVPN do for you?

PandaVPN is more than a Twitter VPN. Except for unblocking Twitter, using a VPN has many other advantages.

Be Anonymous Online – By connecting to other IP addresses, you can hide your real location with PandaVPN. That way, you can browse the web anonymously.

Stay Safe from Hackers – There are hackers hidden in free public Wi-Fi waiting to steal your private information. PandaVPN offers you a safer Wi-Fi environment.

Ensure Remote Work Security – When an employee is on a business trip and needs to send confidential data, a VPN is a must-have to protect the security of data transmission.

Block ISP Tracking – Your online traffic is routed through your ISP. That’s why your ISP can track your every move online. Using PandaVPN can block ISP tracking.

Stream without ISP Throttling – Your ISP may limit your internet speed when you’re streaming. To avoid such ISP throttling as much as possible, you can ask for help from PandaVPN.


All in all, besides unblocking Twitter, a VPN also encrypts your traffic and shields your online activities from others. After all, many eyes are waiting to snoop on your privacy and online data.

Data is valuable. Advertisers and hackers on the internet would be willing to collect your preferences. Do remember to use a VPN to protect your data and identity on the internet. It’s important nowadays!

Offering fast, secure, and private connections, PandaVPN is a great choice. It also has a quite competitive price compared with the industry giants like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Get PandaVPN to have a try >

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